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Dimapur | June 14

As Nagaland joined in the celebration of World Blood Donor Day on June 14, a total of 110 units of blood were collected from donors by Dimapur District Hospital Blood Bank.

According to Dr. Temsu Jamir, Physician in Charge of the Blood Bank, students and faculty at Salt Christian College (25), Livingstone Higher Secondary School (20 units) and Ecentric Solutions Pvt Lt (35 units), Chumoükedima along with other voluntary donors participated to mark the day.

Around 70 units were collected on June 14, 2019.

Dr. Temsu said awareness of the concept of blood donation has improved over the years which has reflected in the steady growth of the only government licensed blood bank in Dimapur district.

“The collection increases year after year. One of the reasons could be attributed to the growing number of hospitals in Dimapur and it happens to be the only licensed blood bank in the district. More importantly, awareness of blood donation has increased, people have become more aware,” he said.

Blood Bank, Dimapur recorded a total collection of 8500 units in 2018, which is about 2/3 of the total collection in the state during the year. Until June 14, 2019, he informed that he had collected more than 4200 units. Just over ten years ago, the total collection per year varied from 800 to 1000 units.

“Doing a little to save a life” turned out to be the main motivation for donors. One of today’s donors, Echongthung Ezung (30), said he came of his own free will.

“At first, I heard misconceptions about blood donation. But it turns out that all this was unfounded. Blood donation by a fit person is not harmful to the body, the blood is regenerated. Helping to save someone else’s life is my motivation,” he said.

His friend Nongothung Tungoe (31) said he was unaware it was World Blood Donor Day. A first-time donor, he said he had come to the blood bank to donate blood to an elderly woman. “I heard of a sick elderly woman who needs blood. I do not know her. I just wanted to help,” he said.

World Blood Donor Day was also celebrated at Mount Olive College, Kohima. The program was organized by Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) in collaboration with Red Ribbon Club and Mount Olive College, Kohima. A total of 28 donors, including teachers, VBDAK members and students, donated blood.

In Peren district, the event was observed at St. Xavier’s College in the town of Jalukie. The program was organized by the District AIDS Prevention Control Unit (DAPCU) Peren in conjunction with the Red Ribbon Club (RRC), St. Xavier’s College, Jalukie.

A total of 26 students led by the college director donated blood, and a list of blood donors was prepared for future donation.

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