Woman who survived mass shooting in Las Vegas meets Arizona blood donor who helped save her life

On April 29, a moving encounter took place for one of the survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas, who met a blood donor responsible for saving her life.

The shooting, which occurred in October 2017, left more than 50 people dead and 500 injured. The shooter, identified as Stephen Paddock, opened fire on an outdoor concert from a nearby hotel room.

In 2019, FBI officials said they found no “single or clear motivating factor” as to why Paddock opened fire from his hotel room, but said Paddock may have been looking to follow in the footsteps. his father’s criminals.

The victim thanks the blood donor

Among those injured in the mass shooting was Jovanna Clazadillas. At an event hosted by Vitalant, Clazadillas and her husband, Frank, reunited with Thad Bodtker. Clazadillas and her husband were talking at the Vitalent event when they had the surprise reunion.

The reunion was emotional, filled with hugs and tears, as it has been a long road for Clazadillas to get to this day.

During the mass shooting, Clazadillas was shot in the head.

“Frank said, ‘Get up! We’re going to run!’ and tapped me on the shoulder, and that’s all I remember,” Clazadillas said.

Two months later, Clazadillas woke up in the hospital. During those two months, doctors told her family that she would not recover.

“There’s no chance of survival, they kept saying, but we never gave up,” Frank said.

Clazadillas had to relearn how to speak, walk and live again. Her family said the reason she got this second chance at life was because of blood donations

“It’s a miracle,” Clazadillas said. “I didn’t think it would come to this.”

Now Clazadillas and Bodtker are forever linked.

“I’m fighting to get my life back to normal. It’s priceless,” Clazadillas said.

As for Bodtker, he actually donated blood two days before the shooting, and days later he received an email saying his donation had been used. He never thought he would meet Clazadillas.

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