Will organ donation bring changes to the corpse? Understand the facts. Will organ donation bring changes to the corpse; understand the truth

As diseases like diabetes and hypertension become common, the relevance of organ donation increases. But the supply has not kept up with the demand for organ donations and there has been a considerable drop in posthumous organ donation, particularly in Kerala. The main organs that are not properly transplanted are the kidneys and the liver. Understanding false and unscientific information about organ donation is crucial because it benefits thousands of lives.

Organ donation will not change the corpses since experienced doctors take care of the surgeries.

There is no problem in burying the body according to the rituals. A person who authorized the donation will not be adversely affected and physicians treating patients will have no connection to the donation.

Brain death equals death, while breathing and blood flow can be maintained for some time using ventilators or pacemakers. It helps to maintain the organs without any damage.

A person will not become medically incapacitated after donation and will not face employment problems or other needs.

Organs cannot be bought or sold for money. It is a punishable offense that could result in 5 to 10 years imprisonment and a penalty of Rs 20 lakh.

No expense will be charged to the donor’s family. The hospital will cover the costs after confirmation of brain death until the transplant.

After confirmation of death, the doctor or hospital cannot decide on the recipient. According to the waiting list released by ‘Kerala Network for Organ Sharing’, donation can only be made through the organization.

(The author is Professor and Head of the Department of Medicine at Government Medical College, Konni)

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