The mailing list’s website has collected extensive databases for Ukrainian relief donors across the United States.

Ukraine Relief Charity Donor Mailing List

Ukraine Relief Emergency Response Charity Donors Mailing List

Mailing list of supporters of stopping the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian charity donors mailing list

Relief Project Donor Mailing List in Ukraine and Europe

One of the worst experiences in human history is war. The whole world is now reeling from Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

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A time of crisis
The world has so far managed to avoid any major military confrontation between two military superpowers, but the invasion of Ukraine is a warning to the world that such a confrontation may occur. In February this year, the Russian army massed huge concentrations of its military forces on the Ukrainian border, declared the country harboring neo-Nazis, and then invaded under the guise of wanting to protect Russia and the rest of the world of the rise of another Nazi nation as was already fought in World War II. The result of this invasion was initially to be brutal but quick and decisive.

For decades, the Russians have earned an almost mythical reputation for the tanks of their heavy armored divisions. Many Americans still remember the rivalry between the US military and the former Soviet Union. When the invasion began, many assumed it would end with Ukraine’s capital, kyiv, in Russian hands, the president having fled and the country being annexed by Russia.

Instead, the unexpected happened, and the Ukrainian army and people fought more bravely and fiercely than anyone had expected. What was supposed to be an easy victory for Russia in three days has now turned into a months-long war that Russia can no longer win. However, this does not mean that it was easy for the Ukrainians. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been displaced in Europe and around the world, while thousands more have been deliberately bombed or shot dead by Russian forces, including children.

Reach out to donors

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has compiled a list from Ukraine relief donors for organizations wishing to help. Databases contain comprehensive listings for the United States, making it easy to run national campaigns or focus on a specific region, like New England Donors, or even just a state, like Donors Californians. It is even possible to target a particular neighborhood in a city, for example by only wanting to approach donors from Manhattan to New York.

Demographic breakdowns are also available for charities or other organizations wishing to reach specific groups. So whether a charity is faith-based and only wants to reach Christians or is interested in nationality and wants to reach other Ukrainians, it is possible. Even financial measures such as reaching out specifically to compassionate, affluent and wealthy donors are possible. Mailing addresses are always available, but other points of contact can be provided as needed, such as email addresses, phone numbers for telemarketing efforts, and cell numbers for those wishing to use email marketing. SMS/text.
This service offers a carefully guided, step-by-step experience through every step of the direct mail process. It’s all here from concept to design to manufacturing and printing and finally distribution using the most efficient database. Each step is under one roof, eliminating the usual need to search and check different providers for other services required at each step.

If you want to contact Ukrainian donors all over the country, contact us today. When you work with us, you’re supporting a disabled veteran and an American business.

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