The importance of donating blood during the summer

Tuesday is ‘World Blood Donor Day’, which was created to help raise awareness about blood donation and to thank everyone who donates blood.

According to the Red Cross, someone here in the United States needs blood or platelets every two seconds.

“Blood donations are really important. They can save the lives of many people, people with cancer, people having major operations, heart operations, operations on their blood vessels, cancer operations,” said Baruch Fertel, MD, an emergency physician at the Cleveland Clinic. “These people need blood because sometimes they can lose blood during the operation.”

Dr Fertel said blood donations are particularly important during the summer, when more people are active and the risk of accidents and injuries increases.

If you’ve never donated blood before, the process is quite simple and safe. When you’re done, you’ll have donated about a liter of blood. It may seem like a lot, but your body will recover quickly.

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Dr Fertel said they wanted to make sure they had all blood types available, however, type O negative is considered universal. This means it can be used on anyone in an emergency situation.

“O negative blood is a very important blood type and certainly one that we need in abundance. However, everything matters, any blood that someone can donate can count and really make a difference in saving someone’s life” , said Dr. Fertel.

He said it can also be useful to know what type of blood type you have in case information is needed.

For those interested in donating blood, you can contact your local hospital or the Red Cross for blood drives.

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