The DGR rewarded its biggest donors in 2021 with Triumph bikes

Giving to charity is not totally ungrateful. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) had a great run this year, raising US$30 million for men’s health and giving back to the guys who gave the most, at least in Wollongong, Australia. MCNews Australia had the photos for the awards ceremony in the country below.

For DGR 2021, the event’s second and third top fundraisers received the keys to a Triumph Bobber and a Triumph Bonneville T120. Over 900 cities participated in the event, and it’s amazing how the second and third fundraisers come from Wollongong, Australia. Mark Hawwa, Founder of DGR says:

“What a fantastic day here in Wollongong with City Coast Motorcycles donating two new Triumphs – a Bobber and a Bonneville T120 – to Phill and Ermond for being the top two fundraisers in Australia and two of the top three fundraisers in the world It shows how far Wollongong punches above his weight when it comes to the riding community, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the people who help other men in need.

Wollongong DGR 2021 Triumph Award

The second biggest fundraiser in the world for DGR 2021 was Phil Critcher, and he rode home in a Triumph Bobber with a Matt Storm/Matt Ironstone colorway. He raised a staggering sum of 38,308 Australian dollars, which is the equivalent of around 28,800 US dollars. Not far behind, Ermond Morelli’s $37,756 AUD (about $28,400 USD) landed him a Triumph T120. The two winners also left with a Hedon helmet and a prize plaque for the achievement.

Ermond Morelli DGR 2021

The top fundraiser for 2021 went to Joe Mancinelli from Hamilton, Canada, and he was able to raise around CAD$95,600, which is the equivalent of US$76,000 and a few changes. He received a Triumph Thruxton RS for the honor of being the highest grossing fundraiser.

Phil and Ermond, the second and third highest scorers respectively, have competed in the DGR since 2018, rolling with their team of four called the CF, or (Four Cure). Since joining, the group has grown to seven members, and they are the third highest fundraising team in the world.

Wollongong DGR 2021 Triumph Award

The city of Wollongong is one of the most generous cities in the world when it comes to DGR, raising 350,000 Australian dollars (about 260,000 US dollars) for men’s health and ahead of other big cities like London and New York.

Stay tuned for the 2022 DGR taking place later in the year. Registrations open on March 28, 2022 and the race begins on Sunday, May 22 this year.

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