Shincheonji and Inova Blood Donor Services Hold Blood Drive in Response to Emergency Need

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About Monday, June 20Shincheonji held a blood drive with Inova Blood Donor Services from 11am-7pm. This collection was organized in response to a very limited blood supply. This campaign attracted about 100 Shincheonji donors in one day, and another 300 Shincheonji donors pledged to donate blood in the coming week.

Currently, the country’s hospitals are under serious threat. Nick Gehrig of Red Cross Blood Services spoke on behalf of the National Blood Supply, saying: “Right now blood products are being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in, which is why we are making this request for urgent donations.”

Maintaining a regular blood inventory is essential to our community’s emergency preparedness. Blood donations have been below hospital needs in recent months, resulting in around 39,000 fewer donations than needed.

Historically, the weeks before and after the The 4th of July the holidays have been a time of blood shortage, but this year is much more serious. Steven Morauxa phlebotomist from Inova Blood Services said: “I want to thank Shincheonji for coming today with his whole community to collect blood. We need this to approach the The 4th of July Holiday. Thanks! I love the community and the organization!”

The current blood emergency is partly due to the usual pressures of an absent and mobile donor base in the summer, but what is new is the change in donor behavior since the COVID-19 pandemic. “The sad reality that COVID has brought to blood collectors is a disturbing uncertainty and shortage in the blood supply,” said Terri CraddockSenior Director of Inova Blood Donor Services.

Whether out of fear or bad habit, COVID-19 has kept many potential donors at home. So today, the shortage is getting worse, the faithful donors are disappearing and many blood collections still do not reach the planned objectives. Yet, as washington d.c. The region’s main blood supplier, the Inova Blood Donor Center still has a huge responsibility to our local community.

At Shincheonji, we believe we also have a very personal responsibility to support those who protect our community. Our local branch shares this same heart with our headquarters abroad. In South Korea, Shincheonji recently bolstered the also severely depleted national blood supply by providing more than 18,000 individual blood donations in just 3 days. Through these donations, we hope to be able to shine the light both in our local community and around the world.

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