QU marks World Blood Donor Day


Qatar University (QU) celebrated World Blood Donor Day on June 14 to shed light on the importance of donating blood, raise awareness of the need for safe blood and appreciate the important role that blood donors play. donors in the health system.
In this context, several QU professors shared their opinions on the value of donating blood.
Tameem Hadwan, Teaching Assistant – Biomedical Sciences, commented on QU’s role in raising awareness of blood donation: “The university has organized many events and campaigns for blood donation due to its importance to the health of the individual and society. These include blood donation campaigns organized in coordination with Hamad Medical Corporation, represented by the Blood Donor Center, and featuring male and female students and all university employees. In addition, several training workshops are organized on the importance of donating blood and how to do it.
“According to the latest statistics, there are people around the world who need at least one blood component every three seconds. It shows the urgent need for blood and the need to provide it in large quantities, which will only be available by encouraging and educating people to donate blood on a permanent and continuous basis. It is not possible to guarantee the availability of a permanent stock of blood to face any emergency and cover the urgent need in all hospitals and establishments in the State, except through organized and continuous donation campaigns. Dr Hadwan added.
Dr Hassan A Rathore, Associate Professor at the College of Pharmacy, said: “The most important benefit a donor gains in blood is that donating 350-500 ml of blood would increase erythropoiesis in the donor. This means that new red blood cells will form to replace the donor’s oxygen-carrying cells. Every year, hundreds and thousands of people need red blood cells, plasma, platelets or whole blood for reasons such as emergencies, surgeries, hereditary blood diseases like thalassemia and sickle cell anemia. If these patients do not receive the donated blood on time, they can die. “
Dr Stephanie Atweh, ​​teaching assistant at the College of Pharmacy, said: “With the advancement of medicine and the opening of new hospitals and medical centers, the ever increasing demand for blood supply has created a huge need. volunteers for blood donation in Qatar and around the world. Many clinical and surgical activities that require blood transfusion support, including treatment of severe anemia, bone marrow transplant, other organ transplants such as liver and kidney transplants, and surgeries heart openings are performed in Qatar. This confirms the importance of having more people from the public volunteering early on to get involved in donating blood and offering to volunteer when needed.
“We at Qatar University College of Pharmacy encourage our students to join these national efforts, because being a blood donor is
crucial for saving lives. Finally, I would like to echo this year’s World Blood Donor Day slogan to say: “Donate blood and make the world beat”.

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