Pamplin Media Group – Could your dog be a blood donor superhero? The DoveLewis Blood Bank is in critical need of canine blood donors to provide vital donations to other pets in need. Find out how local dog owners can help you.

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Right now there is a dog or cat that needs a blood transfusion. It’s true – animals need blood, just like humans in an emergency. Whether recovering from surgery, toxicity or trauma, dogs and cats at DoveLewis Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Hospital and across the country receive help from the bank. of DoveLewis blood.

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But due to overwhelming demand from DoveLewis and area clinics, the DoveLewis Blood Bank is in critical need of volunteer canine blood donors. DoveLewis currently has 110 regular canine donors, but at least 20 more volunteers are needed to replenish the supply and meet current demand.

“Our supply is running out for a variety of reasons: the number of patients requiring transfusions at DoveLewis has increased by 25% over the past year, many of our long-time donors have recently retired, and local clinics and national demands for blood products that we can supply.” says blood bank coordinator Kelsey Reinauer, CVT.

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Canine blood donors must meet a few basic requirements, including:

– 1-6 years

-55+ pounds

-Healthy and up to date on vaccines

– Soft layout

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“Our blood donors are called superheroes because they truly save lives. One donation can help treat up to four animals.” Kelsey said. The donation process is quick and easy. DoveLewis asks donors to commit to giving blood four to six times a year for at least two years. Donors also receive a variety of benefits for volunteering. Interested in knowing more? Visit

About DoveLewis Blood Bank

DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital operates the largest volunteer animal blood bank in the Pacific Northwest. The blood bank program provides blood products to support more than 700 life-saving transfusions each year at DoveLewis and other clinics. To learn more, visit

About DoveLewis Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Hospital

DoveLewis Emergency and Specialty Veterinary Hospital, established in 1973 and based in Portland, Oregon, is the region’s only non-profit, 24-hour emergency and intensive care unit. 48 years of service to the community, the hospital treats over 30,000 animals each year. In addition to being an accredited educational institution, DoveLewis also offers seven donor-supported community programs that serve animals in need and the animal-loving community. DoveLewis is an AAHA Accredited and VECCS Level 1 Certified Hospital. For more information, please visit


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