Online scam defrauding donors to a refugee camp

Officials at Pwint Lin Aye Myaing refugee camp located in Myawaddy Community Monastery in Kayin State today released a statement saying there had been online requests for donations to be made to them. name. These online publications are a fraud and the donors are being scammed.

The scam involves using social media posts placed on the Bayintnaung Market site, calling for donations to Pwint Lin Aye Myaing Monastery. The messages claim donations are needed for the refugees, but camp officials say the messages are fake and funds donated online are not being received.

“I learned the other day from an acquaintance that they had donated to the refugee camp through an online donation. But this donation was never received. Fortunately, the next day he came to the camp and donated. The market women in Bayintnaung also informed us that they too had donated online,” said a refugee camp official.

The Abbot of the Monastery is in charge of the food, shelter and lodging of the refugees. About 260 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from nearby villages and five Rock Mines from Pwint Lin Aye Myaing village are sheltering in the refugee camp/monastery.

“Our refugee camp officials are not permitted to request online donations, money or food from any of the relief groups other than through Aling Thit-Emergency Relief Charity “, according to the press release.

Officers from the 3rd Border Guard Battalion and partner civil society relief groups are investigating the online scam, and charges of fraud will be brought once the person responsible is identified.

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