Newbury blood donor gives his last pint after 70 years

One of Britain’s most prolific blood donors gave his last pint aged 83 – having donated a total of 17½ gallons.

Tony White of Newbury has been donating blood for over 70 years with a total of 141 pints leaving his body.

His run finally came to an end with his last given pint this month – and he said he was only stopping because his doctors told him to too.

Tony has been giving blood since the late 1950s.

He said: “I’ll drive 100 miles to donate if it’s critical; I have to.

“It’s a good thing to donate blood and it doesn’t hurt.”

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Tony started donating blood after leaving the army in 1959 and he has fulfilled his annual donation quota since, which has sometimes reached four pints in a single year.

Newbury’s Tony White started donating blood after leaving the army in 1959

He said the process had changed over the years because when he started donating blood he remembers being in and out in seven minutes, but now he has to drink plenty of water before and rest with a cup of tea afterwards.

And his last pint was given on Thursday February 10 at the Fieldgate Center in Kingsclere.

He said he’s never been afraid of needles, which he knows puts many people off giving, but he still wants to encourage everyone to give it a try.

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He added: “It’s great because when you donate blood they send you a thank you message and then the next day they tell you which hospital it was sent to so you know it’s being used for Well.”

The pensioner was told he had to quit after donating 100 pints at the age of 70, but he refused unless absolutely necessary.

But now he has been arrested after doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat.

Tony is currently taking blood thinners in an attempt to treat it.

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