Milford lacrosse team raises awareness about organ donation

MILFORD, Ohio — Nancy Tarter is a loving, selfless, and faith-filled grandmother who always seems to have a smile on her face in the Milford community.

“I like to say my ‘Gam’ is your ‘Gam’,” said Sophie Tarter, Nancy’s granddaughter, at Milford High School. “If you need a grandma, she’s there for you. My favorite thing about her is that she cares deeply about everyone.”

On Tuesday night, the Milford High School girls’ lacrosse team will show how much they care about ‘Gam’ at the annual giveaway game, which is a senior-led initiative that focuses on a need within the community. community of Milford.

Nancy Tarter needs a kidney transplant after contracting COVID-19 in January 2021. She was told last spring that she needed a new kidney within two to three years.

Tarter needs a living donor because the wait for a deceased donor transplant is at least five years and it is hard to find due to a blood antigen problem. she may never find a compatible deceased donor, according to her family.

Sophie Tarter and her lacrosse teammates decided to honor ‘Gam’ on Tuesday as he hosts Anderson at 7 p.m. The purpose of the evening is to make Nancy’s needs known to the community.

“It’s just a super exciting and special game for us because it’s so near and dear to all of our hearts because Sophie is such a big part of our family which makes ‘Gam’ an even bigger part. of our family,” Milford senior Ashley Frie said.

The team plans to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and raise funds for Donate Life Ohio.

Pink will be worn in honor of Nancy Tarter’s favorite color and the team is asking all spectators to do the same to show their support.

“We hope this compels someone, pushes them forward like, ‘Hey, I want to do something for this amazing person,'” said Krista Tarter, Nancy’s daughter and Sophie’s mother.

“But also to raise awareness that there are thousands of people who need different organs across this country.”

Cincinnati’s Eastern Conference game is called “Share a Spare” and “Gam’s Game” with a special t-shirt featuring a kidney-shaped lacrosse stick designed by Sophie.

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Milford High School’s Girls’ Lacrosse Team raises awareness of the importance of organ donation with a special evening in honor of junior Sophie Tarter’s grandmother, Nancy Tarter, who is in need of a transplant you’re welcome.

Milford girls’ lacrosse coach Windy Robinson said planning and organizing Tuesday night’s game is a life lesson for everyone on the team.

“It really teaches them to step up,” Robinson said. “It’s not hard to put something like this together. It just takes effort and a connection that they each have and a will to do it. I think it’s a great lesson for all people to learn. , is that you have to care about each other . That’s how we all live a better life.”

Nancy Tarter, who graduated from Milford High School in 1975, is an example of a better life for her family, friends and those in need in the Milford area.

She has contributed to various endeavors with church ministries, mission trips and hunger relief projects.

“Gam” is also a caretaker for his family, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to bake cookies with to share company.

It doesn’t matter if she’s been awake since 4am, ‘Gam’ will do anything for anyone at any time.

“I don’t know anyone else quite like her,” Krista Tarter said. “She does a lot not only for our family, but also for her friends, our community as a whole. She is a wonderful human being and we would be lucky to have her for a little longer.”

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Nancy Tarter, second from left, is honored at Anderson’s Girls’ Lacrosse match at Milford on Tuesday night. Fans are asked to wear pink which is Nancy’s favorite color.

“Gam” has shown strength and faith in his family over the past year’s medical hurdles. She was also diagnosed with stomach cancer and also needed heart surgery.

But, she remained “surprisingly” strong and positive in all situations, Krista Tarter said.

“She believes that God has a hand in this and that he’s going to be there for her and save her,” Sophie Tarter said.

“I believe the same. She really persevered. She’s always positive. She’s the glue that holds my family together.”

Anyone interested in helping Nancy Tarter should contact Christ Hospital transplant coordinators Tricia Monson at 513-585-1440 or Breanna Bronson at 513-585-1427.

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