Manhattan man raises awareness about living organ donation

MANHATTAN, IL – Manhattan resident Katherine Malone was awaiting a lifesaving kidney transplant. She waited about four years. He never came. She died on June 4, 2021.

But Katherine’s death — and the roughly 17 other deaths a day of people waiting for transplants, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration — might have been avoided if more people knew about organ donations. alive,” said Kevin Malone, Katherine’s husband.

Spreading this awareness became Kevin’s mission. He established the Katherine Malone Foundation, a 501c(3) organization in her memory, to help achieve this mission.

“When she passed away, I decided to start a foundation in her name, whose sole mission is to raise awareness of the importance of living organ donation,” Kevin said.

Living donors may have medical costs for tests and surgery covered by their insurance, can remain anonymous, are expected to recover within six to eight weeks and resume a normal life after donation, according to information on the Foundation’s website. Katherine Malone.

According to Kevin, there are two main reasons why awareness is important: first, it will significantly reduce the number of people on the waiting list; then by reducing that number, fewer people will die, he said.

There were 90,483 registrations just for kidney transplants on the waiting list, the most for any organ transplant, according to 2021 data from the HRSA. Of these, 24,670 transplants were performed. Most organs were donated by deceased people.

The mission of the Katherine Malone Foundation is something she would have been proud of, Kevin said. Katherine has spent most of her adult life, around 20 years, working to help people with disabilities.

“She has spent her whole life working to help others, so I thought the best way to honor her legacy is to start this foundation, where the foundation can help other people as well,” said Kevin.

One of the ways the foundation aims to achieve this goal is to work with a team of volunteers and community resources for those who are waiting for or have had kidney transplants and provide them with services, including day-to-day tasks such as house cleaning, groceries and meals. preparation, Kevin said.

The foundation will host the Katherine Malone Foundation Golf Tournament on June 4 at the Morris Country Club, Nettle Creek Course, located at 2615 WUS Route 6 in Morris.

The tournament will include golf starting at 8 a.m., food and beverages throughout the event, and an awards reception around noon.

Interested parties can register for the tournament in a variety of slots: individually, choose to participate as a group as a sponsor or buy tickets only for the awards ceremony. Entry fees vary depending on how one chooses to participate.

To register for the Katherine Malone Foundation Golf Tournament, follow this link.

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