Ky. Health officials highlight the importance of organ donation

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – University of Kentucky officials are highlighting the importance of organ donors for National Gift of Life Month.

They say there are hundreds of thousands of patients in need of transplants and April is the month to draw more attention to the need for donors.

On Monday morning, UK HealthCare and Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates held a flag-raising ceremony to call on more people to consider becoming organ donors.

Officials raised the flag at 10:08 a.m. to signify how one organ donor can help save eight lives. Officials say there are 106,000 people who are on the national waiting list for organ donation.

Dr Ashlee Montgomery-Yates chairs the UK Health Donation and Transplantation Committee. She says the only way these people will get the life-saving care they need is for another person to step in and make the choice.

“We have hundreds of thousands of people waiting on transplant lists across the country and the only way for them to survive and live another day is if we all agree to sign the backs of our driver’s licenses and become organ donors,” said Dr. Montgomery. -Yates. “Organ transplantation and organ donation is something that we as individuals have the right to do with our bodies and that we should all do what is right for members of our community and those waiting on the lists, as many people on the lists die every year while waiting for organs. .”

According to Dr Montgomery-Yates, over the past year UK Health has performed almost 250 organ transplants.

Officials say there are several ways to register to become an organ donor.

Dr. Montgomery-Yates says you can register to become an organ donor by selecting “yes” when you go to register for a new driver’s license.

You can also access the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry website at any time and register your name there. She says you will need to provide credentials if you choose this method.

She says, finally, that you can also speak to your primary care physician and they can help you register.

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