“Keep family members informed about the organ donation commitment”

Indian Organ Donation Foundation Chairman Lal Goel said on Friday that there is a need for those who pledge to donate their organs to keep their family members informed of their pledge so that the removal of organs proceeds smoothly after their death.

Speaking at a pledge program organized by Alva journalism students in Moodbidri, Mr Goel said many would have pledged their organs voluntarily during their lifetime. However, the removal of organs after their death requires permission from family members. Donors should therefore keep their parents, children and spouses informed of their involvement, Mr Goel said and added that a 74-minute-old baby had also donated his organs in the UK recently.

He said campaigns must be undertaken to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation. Living organs, including kidneys, liver and pancreas, from brain-dead people can be harvested and donated, Goel noted.

During the program, journalism students and faculty made pledges to donate hearts, lungs, nerves, bones, middle ears, corneas, livers, heart valves, bone marrow bone, kidney, pancreas, tissues and blood vessels in the context of public relations and event management. exercise.

Alva Education Foundation Chairman Mohan Alva said that only about 0.1% of people in India donate their organs. While there was a demand for around 2 lakh kidney transplants per year in the country, only around 10,000 transplants take place. It was the same for the other organs too.

Former minister K. Abhayachandra Jain, who pawned his organs, was present on the occasion.

Shrikar L. Bhandarkar (82), curator of Alva’s Newseum, also pledged his organs for donation.

The college principal, Kurian, was present.

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