Flag raising ceremony honors organ donation awareness at Reading Hospital

A small crowd gathered Thursday morning near the Fifth Avenue entrance to Reading Hospital to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

The 2022 Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania Donate Life Challenge encourages all individuals to register as organ, tissue and cornea donors.

“It is important to know that anyone can be a potential organ donor, regardless of medical history, age or race,” said Dr Rosemary Wurster, chief nursing officer at Reading Hospital.

“This is imperative as there are over 95,000 people across the country waiting for kidney, liver, heart or lung transplants and every day more people are being added to the list. By becoming an organ donor, you can give the most special gift, the gift of life, to those in need.

Shelly Farmer RN, educator at Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences shared, “My mother suffered a brain injury at the age of 60. At the time of her accident, I was an intensive care nurse, so I was very familiar with organ donation and knew that she might be a candidate for donation. My mother was blind in one eye and wanted to help others by donating her cornea. She had discussed organ donation with our family on several occasions and was listed as an organ donor on her driver’s license.

“These discussions with her helped us follow through on her desire to be a donor. My family was very happy that my mother was able to make a donation and we are reassured to know that other individuals and families have benefited greatly from her gift of life.

Sign up to become an organ donor at donors1.org.

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