Donors of mass shooting tragedies should beware of scams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – The Better Business Bureau of Central Tennessee and Southern Kentucky has told residents to be aware of donation scams.

In the wake of very public tragedies such as the mass shootings in Texas and New York, many people around the world are looking for ways to help these communities. The BBB said the best solution is usually to contribute to fundraisers; however, scammers use these times to take advantage of kind-hearted individuals.

The BBB has warned donors to be aware of potential scams before donating money to organizations helping victims of recent tragedies.

“We always encourage generosity,” said Robyn Householder, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. “We understand that individuals want to help immediately, but it’s important to pause and do some research.”

The BBB has suggested that donors not assume that anyone using the names or photos of the victims has received permission from the families to do so and to be cautious about appeals that do not specifically identify the intended use of the funds. .

“Donors should visit the website where they can check whether a charity meets BBB standards for charitable accountability,” says Householder. “Taking this first step will help reduce confusion and the potential for scams.

Four useful tips to help you identify

1.) Review crowdfunding sites for transaction fees and other details

2.) Before donating to a celebrity’s fundraising effort, look beyond fame and see if they identify any plans for the intended use of the funds.

3.) Beware of vague money calls that do not indicate how the funds will be used.

4.) Never click on links to unknown charity websites sent via text or email.

Anyone who thinks they have been scammed can file a complaint using this link. Donors can also read more tips on charitable giving by visiting this website.

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