Did you know that pets can donate blood

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on June 14 around the world. It raises awareness around the world about the importance of blood donation and highlights how volunteers can save lives by donating blood. As with humans, pets can also require life-saving transfusions during surgery or when suffering from trauma (such as car accidents, dog fights, etc.), autoimmune diseases, strokes heat and other illnesses.

About blood donation

To combat the increased demand for pet blood products as well as the national supply shortage, BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital created the National Blood Bank program. A unified network of 15 blood banks in 11 states, the National Blood Bank Program aims to increase donor activity and improve the accessibility of blood products, not only to BluePearl hospitals, but also to the broader veterinary communities.

How to make a donation

Pet blood donor requirements and screening may vary by state and program, but the need for pet blood supplies remains constant. In honor of World Blood Donor Day, BluePearl is encouraging pet owners to enroll an animal in a local blood donation program. To learn more about the program and eligibility requirements, pet owners should contact their local BluePearl Pet Blood Bank here.

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