cowin: Co-WIN will be used to make organ donation transparent, connect blood donors: government official

The Covid Co-WIN vaccination platform will be converted into an organ donation platform to make the current system transparent and also to connect patients with suitable blood donors around their location, a senior official said on Friday. of the government.

Speaking at Vivatech 2022, National Health Authority Co-WIN Chief and CEO RS Sharma said that the platform will be used for various use cases in the health sector domain like the vaccination program, blood donation, organ donation and the Ayushman Bharat Digital mission.

“Nobody knows if there is a person nearby who can donate blood or a blood bank nearby who has this type of blood (blood type as needed). We will put everyone on this platform (of donation blood) which can become an extremely dynamic blood bank donation platform. Like (in case of) Covid you can see which vaccines are available, for blood you can also see which donors are available nearby” , Sharma said.

The Co-WIN platform currently only focuses on the COVID-19 vaccination program and facilitates information and documents related to it.

Sharma said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very keen on using the Co-WIN platform for organ donation.

“Organ donation is in a pitiful situation, I have to admit in India, where there is a lot of non-transparency in the whole system. We can make the whole system transparent,” Sharma said. .

He indicated that the Co-WIN portal will be used for national digital health missions.

“The key idea is that we should use learning from these platforms to deliver more and more health services,” Sharma said.

The Co-WIN platform is preparing to alert parents of children about their vaccination program.

He said the Prime Minister wants to make the Co-WIN platform technology an open platform because it is a tool for the digital public good.

“We are now giving it away as a digital public good for free to any country that wants it,” Sharma said.

He said more than 130 countries are in discussion with India to learn and adopt the Co-WIN platform technology.

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