Bolton blood donors are wanted ahead of World Blood Donor Day

More people gave blood in Bolton last year than before the pandemic, according to new figures.

The data comes as the NHS pushed for more to register ahead of World Blood Donor Day, which took place on Tuesday.

Each year, the NHS Blood and Transplant Division releases donation figures ahead of the annual event, which falls on June 14, and raises awareness of the need for safe blood around the world.

This year, the NHSBT is calling on more donors to come forward after seeing a drop in donations across England during the coronavirus pandemic.

NHSBT figures show 3,270 people donated blood in Bolton in the year to March – an increase from 2,501 the year before, and higher than the year to March 2020 , when 2,696 people donated.

The organization said demand for blood had plummeted during the pandemic as hospitals suspended routine care – but more donors are now needed due to a drop in recruitment and the resumption of hospital activity.

He has set a target of almost 175,000 new donors nationwide – including 20,358 in the North West – to make up the shortfall.

The NHS is particularly short of O-negative and B-negative blood types, and is encouraging people to get tested to see if they have rare and in-demand blood that could save lives.

Head of Blood Donation Marketing for NHS Blood and Transplant, Alex Cullen, said: “The NHS needs more donors over the next five years of all blood types.

“We especially need more black African and black Caribbean donors to help sickle cell patients.

“A mass public campaign is being held this National Blood Week and throughout June to identify those whose blood types are most needed. This year we are encouraging more people to donate and know their blood type – it’s quick and easy. »

Figures from Bolton show 804 new donors gave blood for the first time in the year to March – up from 307 the year before, but higher than the year to March 2020, when 420 people donated for the first time.

The number of new people registering to donate blood in the region is below pre-pandemic levels, with 1,387 people registering in 2021-22, compared to 1,479 in 2019-20.

Across England, the number of blood donors has been declining for some time.

In the year to March, 789,840 people donated, while 878,612 did so to March 2016.

People can donate blood by making an appointment on 0300 1232323 or by visiting

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