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Volunteers from a dog rescue organization in Bloomfield say they are honored to help two puppies find homes.

The dogs, Wilson and Beau, spent the first part of their lives in a medical research lab, but now they’re at Dog Star Rescue and ready for adoption.

At only two years old, they are considered retired search dogs. The dogs donated blood for the first year and a half of their lives.

“They lived in a kennel and basically donated their blood to a dog blood bank,” said Haley Haspeslagh, screening director for Dog Star Rescue.

Their blood was studied in a veterinary research lab and helped save other injured animals.

“While we wish they didn’t have to go through this, their on-site involvement was truly essential to advancing veterinary research and enabling veterinarians to better treat pets that suffer from traumatic injuries,” said Haspeslagh said.

Because of this sacrifice, puppies are considered heroes.

dog star rescue

When Wilson and Beau retired 10 months ago, they came to the rescue. Now they are supported by volunteers Nicole and Haley.

“When they arrived they had no experience of living in a traditional home environment. Everything was new to them,” Haspeslagh said.

One paw in front of the other, they embrace the world and see everything with new eyes.

“They basically learned how to dog. They learned what zooming around a fenced yard was like, what a walk was like with their humans,” Haspeslagh said.

Some of these were a little startling for the duo, but for the most part they handle the move pretty well.

Dog Star Rescue said both dogs would do best in homes with caring owners, older children and understanding dogs who can help them socialize.

“Rescue-savvy dog ​​owners who are willing to put in the time, patience and dedication to train and continue to work with them,” Haspeslagh said.

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