Beyond signing: saving lives through organ donation

PennDOT’s press release said it all:

“License and ID card holders can save lives through organ donation.”

PennDOT joined the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) and Pennsylvania organ donation organizations Donate Life PA, Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE), and Gift of Life Donor Program this week to spread the message that Driver’s license and ID card holders can easily help another person live a longer, fuller life by registering as an organ donor.

“Potential donors who are considering adding the organ donor designation to their driver’s license or ID card do not have to wait for their renewal notices to take action,” said Melissa Batula, Deputy Executive Secretary. acting from PennDOT. “Making the decision today to become an organ donor can potentially save a life.”

April is known nationally as “Gift of Life Month”.

Many Pennsylvanians have answered the call to become organ donors, helping Pennsylvania’s organ donation organizations achieve an important milestone this year.

• Nearly 50% of current driver’s license and ID card holders are registered organ donors, or more than five million Pennsylvanians.

• Currently, more than 7,000 Pennsylvanians are waiting for organ transplants.

“Registering as an organ donor provides the opportunity to save lives – one person can save up to eight Pennsylvanians,” said Undersecretary for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Cindy Findley, during the awareness event. “Every 10 minutes someone is told they need a transplant to save their life. The department continues to encourage Pennsylvanians to register to become donors and to be aware of the impact organ donors can have on someone’s life.

PennDOT says to add the organ donor designation to an existing driver’s license or ID card today, visit – – and select the “Become a Donor” icon organs in 30 seconds” in the middle of the page.

Once the designation has been added, individuals will receive a designation card that they must carry with them to confirm their organ donor status until they renew or replace their driver’s license or ID card. Adding the designation to your driver’s license or identity card is free.

In the PennDOT press release, Ron Gooden, a Heart of Allegheny County recipient, summed up his feelings when it comes to others willing to change lives with their precious gifts.

“Their legacy lives on in me,” he said, “and that will always be respected and honored.”

As part of ongoing efforts to increase awareness of organ and tissue donation, video monitors featuring educational content are being installed at 20 PennDOT Photo License Centers.

For more information about organ and tissue donation in Pennsylvania or to register to become an organ donor, please visit, or

Tragedy can sometimes lead to a life-giving story. No one wants to think about these situations, but a tragic death can prolong a person’s life.

All PennDOT asks is that people consider becoming an organ donor.

It is certainly worth considering.

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