American Red Cross awards James Breakell ‘Blood Donor Hero 2022’

ROANOKE, Virginia, – It was his dedicated dedication to helping the American Red Cross save lives, one blood donation at a time, that put James Breakell in the spotlight.

Since the start of the pandemic, the American Red Cross has faced a national blood crisis with a 10% drop in the number of people donating blood.

While many people were at home, Breakell made it a point to donate blood and platelets when the Commonwealth needed them most.

In 2020, Breakell made 12 triple platelet donations but challenged himself to do more.

In 2021, he has set a goal to double his donations, hoping to make 24 tripled donations by the end of the year, which is the most one person can safely give in a year.

Breakell achieved this goal by donating every 7 to 10 days, with each session taking two and a half to three hours.

According to the Red Cross, platelets are tiny cells in your blood that form clots and stop bleeding. They’re most often used by cancer patients and others dealing with life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which really motivated Breakell to help.

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While donating his B+ blood, making him a prime candidate for the ideal blood types needed, Breakell documented his sessions on social media while calling on friends and family to join the cause. .

“James made a difference in the lives of so many people in Virginia and surrounding states with his gift of life,” said the American Red Cross. “Everyone should be grateful that James is such a dedicated blood donor because you never know if you or a loved one will need blood.”

As the Southwestern Chapter of the American Red Cross prepares for its annual “Help Can’t Wait – A Celebration of Heroes” ceremony, the organization has awarded James Breakell the title of Blood Donor Hero 2022.

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