59-year-old PNG’s biggest blood donor


He has continued to generously donate blood to save lives since 1978 and to date is the nation’s largest blood donor to have donated 103 times.

Bubuae Moroko, 59, from Amazon Bay, Abau District in Central Province, was recognized and appreciated among others yesterday by the Blood Transfusion Services and Port Moresby General Hospital Blood Bank under the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for support and willingness to donate. some blood.

PNG’s Director of Blood Transfusion Services, Dr Marilyn Mathias, said he had been a very strong supporter.

“We need more of him in the country to support this blood donor campaign,” she said.

Mr. Moroko has donated blood to many Papua New Guineans and since 1978 until January 2, 2019, he had donated a total of 95 bags of blood to the Red Cross blood bank at the ‘era.

His Red Cross donor history cards shown to this newspaper yesterday, Mr Moroko started donating blood in 1978 when he was 15.

“As a student and teenager in the 1970s, reading about a child with blood diseases and mothers suffering from blood shortage during labor and facing other gynecological problems prompted me to give blood, and it’s to save another human being like me,” he said.

Mr Moroko’s blood type is ‘O’ and said that being a student to be a footballer and now a referee he continues to donate blood.

“Although I had high blood pressure in 2016, I waited until I felt good, then I went back to donating blood and I will continue until 2050,” he said.

“I don’t worry about what I’m doing because I know giving blood to someone is a priceless gift for someone and it’s also good for my health.”

Mr. Moroko is now calling on others to do the same.

“I want us all to continue to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood to save lives in Papua New Guinea, as it is a way to live a long and healthy life,” he said.

“I encourage people to eat more energy foods, drink more water, eat lots of fish, exercise and finally have a peaceful mind without too much stress.”

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