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Veteran blood donor earns platinum certificate

Published on: Tuesday 08 February 2022

From: Christy Chok

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Lee receiving the platinum blood donor certificate.

TAWAU: Regular blood donor Lee Chye Ewe has been recognized by the National Blood Center of the Ministry of Health as a platinum blood donor. The certificate was presented to Lee by the head of the blood bank at Tawau Hospital, Dr. Siti Fatimah Paturusi. Also present were Dr. Neo Jia Yin and other blood bank staff. Lee, who also made his 116th blood donation on Monday, thanked the blood bank for the recognition. He pledged to keep donating blood for as long as he could.


He called on other blood donors to continue donating every three months to save lives as the country’s blood banks have faced a supply shortage since the start of the pandemic. Lee said he hadn’t stopped donating blood despite the pandemic and assured it was safe. Strict SOPs are followed to ensure everyone’s safety. He also took a Covid-19 self-test before making the donation.


It is also worth mentioning that out of his 116 donations, 100 were made in Tawau while the other 16 were made in Penang, Klang and Kuala Lumpur.
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