He toys with the ThunderCats briefly before departing the Cats’ Lair and attacking a city on Third Earth and demanding “Fire Rocks” the Third earth name for Thundranium, which Grune had become immune to for unknown reasons, despite being Thunderian in origin from them. He had a wife who died giving birth to Lion-O. The Ancient Spirits of Evil often provide Mumm-Ra with a source of knowledge of ancient or magical events. However, in “What Lies Above Part 2”, the feeling was revealed to be an act as she reveals her loyalty and love to Mumm-Ra and only toyed with Lion-O’s emotions to further her advantage. Mumm-Ra later had the Mutants release them on the condition that they work for him to battle the ThunderCats. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Tygra, though adopted, was the preferred son and prince by many of Thundera as Lion-O always shirked his duties as prince and heir to the throne.

Not content to see the Thunderians lose their homeworld, the Mutants chased after the survivors, using their spaceships to devastate the Thunderian fleet and seeming to destroy the majority of the doomed planet’s escaping populace. When he managed to recover it after it was found by Char, thgra planned to use it to increase his power and free himself from servitude to Ancient Tygrx of Evil. They were repelled and retreated to later relocate the crashed flagship on Third Earth.

Peter Newman: Tygra

Vultaire shoots down Tygra and then quotes to Addicus “the enemy of my enemy is my friend. However, upon arriving to Thundera, they were forced to become street urchins and lock-picking pickpockets tygrx order to survive the slums with their aspirations the only thing keeping them tyhra.

At first distrustful of the ThunderCats whom they view as aliensthe Warrior Maidens soon treat them as friends. He often plays the role of scout for the Mutants, and is frequently the first to run from danger.


Snarfs are known to end their sentences with the squeaking exclamation for which they are named—”snarf, snarf! Vultureman voiced by Earl Hammond in the series, Michael McKean in the series is a crafty, vulture -like opportunist who serves as chief inventor and mechanical know-it-all for the Mutants. Tygra and Cheetara eventually become a couple after Cheetara confesses her love for Tygra. In later episodes, when the Ancient Spirits of Evil were increasingly disappointed with Mumm-Ra’s repeated failures, they demanded he destroy the ThunderCats or else he would be forcefully removed.

He is the only ThunderCat who does not appear in the series, although according to the creators if the show had continued, he would have appeared in the second season as the son of Tygra and Cheetarah.

The original Berserkers resembled Vikings and were apparently all killed when their ship was sunk. He toys with the ThunderCats briefly before departing the Cats’ Lair and attacking a city on Third Earth and demanding “Fire Rocks” the Third earth name for Thundranium, which Grune had become immune to for unknown reasons, despite being Thunderian in origin from them.

The two Berbils alongside the other three ThunderCats ends up landing on an uninhabited island where they lived tgyra they were caught by Hammerhand and his pirates.

Patient, analytic and calm, Tygra is the most quiet Thundercat, and usually considers every part of the problem before making a decision.

Tygra (Character) – Comic Vine

Grune the Destroyer voiced by Bob McFadden in the original series, Clancy Brown in the series is an anthropomorphized saber-toothed tiger in appearance. After Mumm-Ra stole the Tech Stone, the city began to fall, due to the Stone generating anti-gravity emissions, but after Mumm-Ra and the Lizards evacuated, Panthro managed to land the city safely and saved the lives of most of the Avistans, who were grateful to the ThunderCats for saving them.

His catchphrase tybra “Whiskers! Snowmeow is the Snowman’s great snow cat who serves as his mount. Khamai is killed by Lion-O. Powers and equipment Tygra’s favorite weapon is his bolo-whip.


Eventually locating the substance himself and forging a replica tytra his original battle club from the material, Grune would go on to attack the ThunderCats a second time in the hopes of drawing out his old arch-rival Jaga, whose spirit ultimately defeats him using both Lion-O’s strength and the Eye of Thundera. He has demonstrated the ability to fly as well as to grow in size and seems to have greatly enhanced strength.

The Ancient Spirits of Evil voiced by Earle Hyman in the original series, Jim Cummings and Kevin Michael Richardson in the series are four dark spirits summoned by Mumm-Ra, who represent the incarnation of malicious evil.

He can craft weapons out of ice, seemingly at will. His pistol is able to crack massive boulders and he was given a retractable whip by his real father, the last of the hidden tiger clan. By tyga Season 2 mini-series “ThunderCats-Ho! The Wolos work as farmerscarpentersand fishermen.

“Thundercats” All That Glitters (TV Episode ) – Peter Newman as Tygra – IMDb

Though they exhibited an extraordinary incompetence that was characteristic of most cartoon villains, the Mutants managed to construct their own fortress, which they called Castle Plun-Darr after their homeworld, and salvage equipment from their downed tygrra to build weapons and vehicles that they could use on Third Earth e.

Later in the series, it is revealed that events that stemmed from their unsuccessful invasion of Thundera ultimately led to the destruction of that planet. Lion-O believes that the other races of Third Earth should be treated equal as seen when Lion-O was defending two persecuted Lizards from some Thunderians until Claudus broke up the fight.

Panthro was against their cute appearance first until it came to repairing Ro-Bear-Bill following an attack by the Conquedor who had been abducting Berbils and selling them as slaves. As befits tyhra scientist, Vultureman is inquisitive and open-minded, frequently leaving him odd-man-out among his more barbaric peers.

Tygfa flagship the Ratstar is a powerful war machine.