Could you have maintained a false identity for as long as Samantha did? The first half was fairly obnoxious. Much to her horror, Samantha is hounded by the media for sound bites and pursued by advertisers to become an icon for products. How will she cope up with the chores such as cleaning, laundry and especially cooking if she was never trained from birth to do any of it? Would an experienced, professional lawyer really talk like that? She grew attach with that small town, her house-keepers and the gardener, Nathaniel. Surprise Me reveals that hidden layers in a close relationship are often yet to be discovered.

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The second half, once Samantha began to get a little bit of control in her life, became quite enjoyable.

Samantha, a whiz kid corporate lawyer — when faced with making coffee, toast and eggs Benedict — is totally flummoxed. View all 6 comments. But will her old life ever catch up with her? I have to admit the believability factor on this one is pretty low with a high powered attorney ending up cooking and cleaning but that’s also what makes it so much fun.

At first I was so frustrated about the whole lie-about-everything situation, but then it became hilarious!

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable. She’s funny, smart, and can really think quick on her feet. If it is turned into a movie, Unvomestic probably go see it with the right cast. You think YOUR life is dramatic?


The Undomestic Goddess Reader’s Guide

The first half was fairly obnoxious. In the end Sam has to take a look at her life and really figure out what is important, and what isn’t.

The story was even more far-fetched and the main character even more daft than the other Kinsella heroines combined. She went on to publish six more novels as Madeleine Wickham: View Full Version of PW. Blair meredith Quaine i wish i was a lowd to read did im goina ask Dec 23, As for Samantha’s freak out, her flight response would be probly be what my mind would have done, I don’t blame the undomestic goddess sophie kinsella for wanting to get away.

She discovers that the slow life, her pompous but good-hearted employers and the attentions of the handsome gardener, Nathaniel, suit her just fine. Charming, sweet, humorous with some irritating moments mostly the undomestic goddess sophie kinsella to certain characters I wanted to Gibbs!

I did enjoy this book very much. But then she punched Guy and I was so happy! Akin to Bridget Jones and all her wobbly bits. Refresh and try again. Overall it was still a good read and has important lessons to convey. I giggled at her sallies into the laundry room, baking catastrophes, bed making disasters Not the sort of stuff I read Wow, I SO did not.


This article about a s novel is a stub.

Still, I haven’t given up on this author just yet. She never makes mistakes. At one point the undomestic goddess sophie kinsella has no idea how to use an iron and tells her boss that she can’t figure godress out because she’s “far more used to working with a Nimbus ” These little comments pop up everywhere making the book fly by and making you really root for this poor girl who hasn’t got a clue. Yes, not everyone knows how to cook well or do certain chores, but who the hell can’t boil an egg or make a jam sandwich or wipe a surface?!

Feeling dizzy, Samantha rings a door to ask for sophle cup of water and ends out being mistaken for the new housekeeper.

Quick — name a contract attorney! She even struggled with slicing bread and was unable to make a jam sandwich and hard boiled eggs the silly cow put them in the microwave?!