The Giving Circle database of 2,500 donors continues to grow

The Giving Circle database of 2,500 donors continues to grow

Charity Navigator, a nonprofit appraiser based in Saddle Brook, NJ, has become the latest platform to host the Global Giving Circle Directory, a compilation of information on 2,500 donor groups that aggregate financial donations to charity. a wide range of charities and philanthropic causes.

The directory allows potential funders to connect with like-minded donors to support their favorite causes. Since 2000, at least 150,000 people have come together to donate nearly $1.3 billion to various nonprofits through Donor Circles.

“Each year, more than 9.5 million donors come to Charity Navigator with the goal of finding and supporting impactful nonprofits,” said Michael Thatcher, president and CEO of Charity Navigator, in a statement. communicated. “Now, not only can donors find nonprofits that match their interests, but they can also connect with groups of donors who share those interests and together collectively support causes and charities. “

The directory, which was released in April 2021, is an update of work begun in 2016 by New York-based development team Grapevine, the Collective Giving Research Group, and the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy in Grand Rapids. , Michigan.

Its 2,500 listings are a strong representation of the global Giving Circles community, according to Grapevine Content and Community Director Emily Schaefer. Information in the list includes the group’s size, location, and focus area, the amount the group raises in its year, the donation or grant-making cycle, the amount members are expected to contribute and the non-profit organizations that have received funds from the group. Donation circles not yet listed can request a form here:

The current iteration is a joint effort between Grapevine, which has once again taken the lead in developing the system, and Philanthropy Together, a global consortium of circle leaders and donor networks that provides most of the research and programming.

Having a funder-friendly database will contribute to the yearbook funders goal of giving more circle participants to 350,000 people who contribute an additional $1 billion to causes around the world, said Schaefer of Grapevine. The Nonprofit Times. As part of this effort, funders have launched the Giving Circles Coaches program, which in the first seven months of 2022 seeks to train 25 coaches to help launch 100 new giving circles across the United States. .

“This is the first time we’ve done this program,” Schaefer said. “We will expand it beyond the United States if it works.”

The directory itself already represents a global footprint, with 241 Canadian donor circles, as well as 85 in Asia and the Pacific Islands, 65 in Europe, 17 in the Middle East and North Africa, 13 in Latin America and one in sub-Saharan Africa. represented in its lists.

The backers aren’t planning a paid marketing campaign at this time, according to Schaefer. Instead, they rely on grassroots networking efforts with existing donor circles and host organizations to introduce the directory.

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