raikage and killer bee

DarkRaiden Follow Forum Posts: Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Juugo all try to fight Killer Bee but aren’t doing very well. Hachibi has the added benefit of giving Killer Bee advice and can break Killer Bee out of illusions. Nyas Follow Forum Posts: Bee allows Hachibi to take over and tell Naruto the dangers of using the Kyuubi’s chakra; when drawing upon the Bijuu’s chakra, the Bijuu is also devouring your chakra, so Naruto can’t remain in his transformed state forever; because of this, Naruto also can’t use Shadow Clones in his transformed state since they use so much of Naruto’s chakra. He can cut through Bee, who may I add doesn’t have many cutting durability feats.

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While transformed, Bee gains incredible strength, speed, and durability. BilboBaggins Follow Forum Posts: Killer Bee has developed a unique style of Kenjutsu, in which he holds his seven blades in between the joints of his arms left armpit, both elbowsright leg, stomach, the right side of his neck, and in his mouth.

As a kid, he showed how powerful he rikage by completing missions that normally could only be accomplished with a partner. IMO Zoro has the output to take him down eventually.

Erza and Zoro vs Raikage and Killer Bee

What size image should we insert? Having a good relationship with all other Kages. Hachibi asked about Killer Bee’s brother, the Raikage, but Killer Bee said that he anc always had to protect the village and could never leave and needs a break. He has since then returned back to his village with his brother. Considering this, why wasn’t Killer Bee recognized as the 5th Raikage? Killer Bee used a partial transformation to make the Hachibi’s tentacles to come out of his body and wrap around Kisame and pulled him away from Sabu and Ponta, but touching Kisame was causing his chakra to be drained.


I do not believe Kishimoto wrote anything in regards to transition of the 4th to the 5th Raikage, but the selection of the Raikage is not touched on a whole lot and is unclear to us.

While under raps, Samehada is prevented from growing to a certain extent. Along the way killet were confronted by a large gorilla, but it’s revealed that Killer Bee tamed the beasts on the island and they’re safe with him, and it was that island where Killer Bee learned to control the Hachibi. Snd Killer Bee is a very powerful ninja, which has been reaffirmed by those he’s fought, those ans his village, and his own brother.

naruto – Why wasn’t Killer Bee recognized as the 5th Raikage? – Anime & Manga Stack Exchange

Then they go inside and Killer Bee helps Naruto fight the Kyuubi. He helps Naruto dodge moves from the fox and even raiakge contain an explosion. He could cut through him because? Mind backing up Erza? Now, the 5th Raikage selected was Darui, a shinobi of Kumogakure and the right-hand-man of the 4th Raikage.

The 3rd Raikage (Ay) vs Killer Bee, Darui, Cee and the 4th Raikage (A)

Octopus Madara sent Kisame to capture Killer Bee after Sasuke failed, and found him being taught to sing enka by Sabu. Suigetsu transforms into a large demon-faced wave and rams into Killer Bee while urging the others to escape, but Killer Bee blasts Suigetsu with a monstrous blast which left him unconscious.


This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned kil,er text? He’s cut through stone, steel, brick, buildings, galleons, pacifista’s, giant Krakens, etc. He can also fend off multiple enemies, and regenerate lost anv which can be used for various purposes. On a Rampage Killer Bee then assumes his Bijuu’s form. If he gets caught in a genjutsu, shouldn’t his armor go off?

Samehada can also act on it’s own and will stop others from wielding it, but is also completely loyal to Killer Bee. However before Kisame died, he fused raikagge Samehada, it covered itself around Kisame’s body, healing him and turned him even more into a shark with all the chakra Samehada absorbed.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we’ll send you an email once approved. The sword is able to sense chakra, acting as a quasi-sensor.

Samehada grew twice as large and it’s revealed to have a mouth with sharp killed. Killer Bee then says that the fox has more hatred then he thought and that he can’t lose, prompting Yamato trying to hold back the fox himself.

When Kisame appeared, Sabu’s racoon summon, Ponta attacked, but was knocked aside. Clearing the Course Killer Bee attended the Raikage’s war meeting in the Cloud village but was too busy writing in his notepad to pay attention, unknown to anyone Kisame killler spying on the event from within Samehada. Shaking Roles After the training was nearly finished, Naruto became aware of the war going and got Killer Bee’s support to help their friends.