Qatar Charity urges donors to continue supporting winter campaign

Qatar Charity (QC) has urged benefactors to continue supporting its winter campaign to benefit refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

“Refugees and displaced people in their squatter camps are still in urgent need of winter needs, in light of the continued snowstorms that many countries, including Syria and Lebanon, have recently experienced,” QC said in a statement. a statement.
After receiving aid from Qatar Charity, refugees from Arsal, a Lebanese town on the border with Syria, and internally displaced Syrians thanked benefactors in Qatar for providing the rapid aid, saying they had still need heat and help with shelter.
In light of the continued snowfall, Syrian refugees are living in problematic humanitarian conditions in Arsal, which has 120 camps housing nearly 70,000 Syrian refugees. A supervisor of the refugee camps claimed that the situation in the Arsal camps is distressing, saying that many tents have been destroyed by the snowstorms and that many widows, children and elderly people living in the camps cannot withstand extreme cold. He also thanked the benefactors in Qatar for their support of the refugees.
Khadra Mohamed, a widowed refugee in a camp in Arsal, says the storm is brutal and the refugees are suffering from a severe shortage of heating. She also noted that QC is the fastest organization to reach them and provide assistance.
“We are very cold all the time,” says 12-year-old Yaseen, who was shivering from the intense cold, noting the impact of snowstorms on children.
Meanwhile, the suffering of displaced people in northern Syria continues to remain dire amid the brutal reality of winter and poverty. Every rain and snowfall forces displaced people to move from place to place and tent to tent for survival.
“I have never experienced such suffering as what we are experiencing now,” said Abu Bashar, an IDP. “This year’s winter is the worst ever, and our tents fell on our heads, due to heavy snowfall, as we slept.”
Abu Mohamed, another IDP, described the situation as “very tragic”, hoping for continued support from benefactors in Qatar. “The wages we receive are not enough for the price of bread,” he added.
As refugees and internally displaced people currently suffer from a harsher winter and heavy rain, frost and snow, QC has urged benefactors in Qatar to donate to help the vulnerable . People can easily donate to the campaign through the Qatar Charity website, app, branches and collection points located in malls and malls, in addition to requesting a “Home Collector” and dial 44667711 to make a donation.

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