Pleasanton man meets blood donor who saved his life

SAN ANTONIO – Sometimes time is all it takes – it can be the difference between life and death.

“I lost an immense amount of blood, I lost about half of my blood volume by the time my airline crew, EMS ground crew and airlift crew arrived on scene,” said Scott Mussey.

He describes what happened to him last April at his home in Pleasanton.

Mussey was working on a piece of farm equipment when the grinding disc “exploded and sent a piece through my forearm and severed several arteries in my forearm and caused severe blood loss, you know, muscle damage, nerve damage, tissue damage.”

Thanks to an on-site blood transfusion from the Brothers in Arms program, he managed to make it to the hospital.

“Knowing that I received this whole blood transfusion was ultimately responsible for me being here today so I could have a conversation with you,” Mussey said.

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The program, launched in San Antonio in 2018, has resulted in a 25% decrease in deaths from traumatic events like Mussey’s, saving hundreds of lives in one year.

“This program doesn’t happen without people behind the scenes taking the time to roll up their sleeves and give this life-changing gift,” Mussey said.

Nine months after receiving this gift, Mussey was able to shake hands with one of the blood donors who saved him.

“I didn’t know I gave him this gift until now, and I feel super blessed,” said John Divila, one of Mussey’s donors.

Mussey will have to wait a while before he can donate blood to someone else, but he and Divila hope it inspires others to donate time and blood to a stranger.

“The feeling of saving someone’s life is gratifying in itself,” Divila said.

“As the recipient of this gift of life, it’s something that the person who receives it on the other end is going to be changed forever,” Mussey added.

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Donating to the Brothers in Arms program is as easy as donating whole blood normally, but the criteria they look for is a little different.

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is looking for men with type O blood to donate.

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