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Fourteen people were given new life after the families of two patients, declared brain dead on Thursday, decided to donate their organs. Lawrence, 40, of Hunsur, and Shobha, 48, of Kushalnagar, were brought to Apollo BGS hospitals in Mysuru on Monday from two different private hospitals in critical condition.

Lawrence had been in an accident and was declared brain dead due to brainstem failure, while Shobha suffered from a brain hemorrhage and was also declared brain dead on Thursday. According to hospital authorities, families came forward to donate their organs.

This incident brought relief to officials at Jeevana Sarthakathe, who struggled to obtain organ donors during the pandemic. Jeevana Sarthakathe is the hub for organ donation in the state. Officials say the number of donations shows signs of improvement. However, with over 5,000 people on the waiting list, they believe more awareness is needed.

According to Jeevana Sarthakathe’s records, organ donation had dropped drastically during the pandemic. While the state recorded 105 donations in 2019, that number fell to 35 in 2020. “With a long waiting list, getting people to donate has always been a problem. The difficulties associated with the pandemic have made the situation worse, ”said Lijamol Joseph, chief transplant coordinator for the state.

One of the biggest problems encountered during the pandemic was the lack of medical facilities. An organ transplant or donation requires intensive care units and during the pandemic they were rare. “We were taken by surprise by the pandemic. Thus, most hospitals have dedicated intensive care units to Covid-19 cases. But now we have learned the lessons. This time around, there is better management of intensive care among hospitals, ”she said.

Karnataka’s Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said on Thursday that action has been taken since Covid-19 hampered blood and organ donation in the state. “Covid-19 has hampered blood and organ donation. We have taken some special steps to encourage organ donation in the state. We plan to reorganize Jeevana Sarthakathe in the coming days, ”said the Minister of Health.

To promote organ donation, on August 13, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai registered as an organ donor.

As of August, 5,056 patients were registered for organ transplants. Of that number, 3,756 patients require kidneys, followed by 1,084 patients who require liver transplantation. It takes 113 heart transplants, 48 ​​lung transplants and 22 patients need both heart and lungs.

The increase in the number of donations in 2021 is however hopeful. Until August 2021, the number of donations has already exceeded the numbers in 2020. Officials believe that while the number of donations could exceed the numbers in 2019. “There is a big change in attitude. It used to be that we had to sit down with families and convince them, but now they come forward to donate organs once they realize the health of family members, ”Joseph said.

She added that the family of actor Sanchari Vijay who came forward to donate his organs had had a big impact. Vijay, 38, was declared brain dead on June 15 after being in a motorcycle accident. The actor’s family decision to come forward to donate his organs had made headlines and helped spread the message to rural areas, Joseph said.

“The news (of the actor’s organ donation) has traveled to rural areas, and we’re seeing more people talking about it. It’s a good sign. We’re happy with the way things are going, but there needs to be so much awareness of organ donation, ”she said.

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