Failed to save the append position for the index partition Run ltfsck. The configuration tool checks that the tape library or partition is accessible and usable. Failed to read from XML stream Check libxml2 installation. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Do not power off or reset the tape library for at least 5 minutes after the umount command has been issued. Run ltfsck to make the tape consistent and then request the capacity. This results in the following actions:

hp storeopen ltfs

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To reduce risk of data inconsistency or loss, always wait at least 5 minutes after unmounting the library device before power cycling or resetting the library. Use this option if you ltfe ltfscopy to prompt before overwriting existing files.

hp storeopen ltfs

The user wishes to select the media to be formatted from a list. Provide the proper options with the ltfsck command. If the media to be exported is in a tape drive, first execute a file system operation with another tape, which will cause the media in the drive to be unloaded.

The executable name is ltfscopy.

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The library is mounted as read-only The library is mounted as read-only 1. Click the View Inventory button to open another window where you can get the details about the tapes currently loaded in the tape library which is mounted. Medium consistency check failed Run ltfsck. Provide the correct mount path. The initial screen provides information about the operation that has been started. Check The cartridge being imported the cartridge selected for failed to move in a suitable drive.


Hp ltfs configuration tool download

Files on tape can be accessed using straightforward drag-and-drop, and familiar command lines. Both methods use the mkltfs utility, from the command line. Linux shared object files On some systems, trying to execute the ltfs command may result in an error message of the form libltfs.

In most cases the default behavior offers the best solution, but the options otfs you to modify the behavior for a particular situation. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.

The indexpartitioncriteria Refer to mkltfs –help. Use ltfsck for recovery Run ltfsck. Try to run ltfsck deep-recovery and full-recovery for that tape. Read index failed on the index partition Dtoreopen ltfsck.

hp storeopen ltfs

The Total size and Space free figures appear slightly lower than expected; this is due to the way that Windows calculates and report capacities in binary GB bytes and TB bytes instead of decimal GB bytes and TB bytes. Block size mismatch Tsoreopen ltfsck.


Check the arguments provided to ltfs. UID 0 is reserved Run ltfsck. You can even choose to write the index every 1 minute.

hp storeopen ltfs

Buffer too small, Failure to parse the log page. This utility does not offer any performance improvement when transferring data from disk to tape.

By default the user and group information is set to that of the current user; this can be overridden by use of the -o uid and -o ltts options to HP StoreOpen Automation. Select the mode of operation, either to import a tape or to export a tape. Power cycling or resetting the library will require the library be re-mounted.

Re: HP StoreOpen LTFS

No such file or directory. The check utility was run on an unformatted tape. Do not power off or reset ltfx tape library for at least 5 minutes after the umount command has been issued.

Run the unformat operation when the library is not mounted. Invalid bar code number Run ltfsck.