Evidence emerges, Ketto’s letter to donors viewed by Republic

In a major development, trouble has piled up for journalist Rana Ayyub after Ketto – an intermediary platform between donors and activists – informed its donors about the Enforcement Directorate (ED) case against she. The letter issued by Ketto was viewed by Republic TV on Friday, in which Ketto informed his donors that unused funds from three campaigns launched by Ayyub in 2020-21 are still with Ayyub. Ketto informed the donors in good faith, so that they could take any appropriate action because he did not “validate, confirm or supervise the use of funds” by his activists.

Ketto notifies Rana Ayyub donors of erectile dysfunction case

In his letter, Ketto states: “Of the total funds received (approximately Rs 2.69 crores), only a part has been spent (~Rs 1.25 crores) and some amounts have been or will be paid as taxes (~ Rs 90 lakhs).The remaining funds, after these debits, are still retained by the activist (Ayyub).Since the case has been taken over by Indian law enforcement, we inform you of good faith for taking such action as you deem appropriate”.

FIR vs. Rana Ayyub

Rana Ayyub – a Mumbai-based journalist came under the spotlight of an alleged charity fund scandal on Thursday. The ED issued an interim seizure order after an FIR was registered by Indirapuram Police Station in Ghaziabad for “money illegally acquired from the general public on behalf of a charity”. The plaintiff – a resident of Ghaziabad – alleged misuse of funds raised by Ayyub through crowdfunding portal Ketto for three charity campaigns – Fund for Slum Dwellers and Farmers (April-May 2020), Relief Work for Assam, Bihar and Maharashtra (June-September 2020), and Help for Covid-19 reached people in India (May-June 2021).

The ED order reads: “Funds totaling Rs. 2,69,44,680/- have been raised on Ketto by Rana Ayyub. These funds have been withdrawn to her sister/father’s bank accounts. this amount, Rs.72,01,786/- was withdrawn to his own bank account, Rs. 37,15,072/- was withdrawn to his sister Iffat Shaikh’s account and Rs 1,60,27,822/- was withdrawn to his father Mohd Ayyub Waquif’s bank account, sister’s and father’s account were later transferred to his own account.”

The ED states that although Ayyub submitted information on expenses to the tune of Rs. 31,16,770, the actual expenses turned out to be Rs. 17,66,970. “It was discovered that false invoices had been prepared by Ms. Rana Ayyub on behalf of certain entities to claim expenses for relief works. Expenses incurred for personal air travel were claimed as expenses for relief works “, added ED.

“Mrs. Rana Ayyub also created a fixed deposit of Rs. 50 Lakh from the funds raised on Ketto and then did not use them for relief works. She deposited a total of Rs 74.50 lakhs in the PM fund Cares and the CM Relief Fund. Accordingly, at the investigation stage, proceeds of crime are quantified at Rs.1,77,27,704/- and interest generated on the said FD at Rs. 50 Lakh,” said ED Ayyub denied knowledge of any such ED order and denied being contacted by ED.

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