Wrap lines preference affects the console in addition to the editor. Debugging with Breakpoints A good debugging workflow is key to producing quality code. Improved debugging behavior and bugfixes related to debugging. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in now Forgot password? However, the focus throughout most of this document will be on programming questions, where the students’ code is being graded. Text find shows the number of occurrences and highlights all results.

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Moodle plugins directory: CodeRunner

You’ll coderunner CodeRunner 2’s slick interface, ease of use, and powerful editing features. Instead of displaying “Run Failed” when your code exits with a non-zero exit status, it now coderunner “Run Ended” and displays the exit status.

Licensing support for site licenses institutional licenses. How can we add it? Fixed a lot of bugs. You can even add your own documentation lookup sources. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Fixed an issue with double file extension after document renaming.

Wrap lines preference affects the console in addition to coderunner editor. New preference to specify where on the tab bar new tabs are inserted. However, if CodeRunner-based quizzes are to be used for tests and final exams, a separate Coderunner server is recommended, both for load reasons and so that various Moodle communication facilities, like chat and messaging, can be turned off without impacting other coderunner.


General fixes and improvements. CodeRunner can run code in 25 languages out-of-the-box, and can easily be extended to support other languages. The compiler and debugger in the application are painless.

You’ll be asked to register as a user on the site first, but this is painless and straightforward. Look up functions, methods, classes, and other symbols instantly by tapping with three fingers on a symbol name, or use the auto-lookup feature.

Expanded support for character encodings, and improved automatic coderunner coderinner encoding when opening documents. See more reviews for Coderunner.


Fixed an issue preventing the jQuery library from loading in coderunner situations. But it’s a lot of work to write a grader for a question like that and you need a large class to justify the effort.

To coderunner a breakpoint, simply click a line in the coderunne margin. Switched App Store coderunner to a discount promo code model.

To set a breakpoint, simply click a line in the text margin. It is also a fine editor for HTML and Markdown, as it renders it in the output window when coderunner press run. Useful links More documentation on this xoderunner. With CodeRunner, you can set breakpoints and step through your code in more than coderunner dozen languages instantly.


Date 05 Oct It now supports more than syntax highlighting modes, all updated to the latest language specifications. Demo quizzes To see how CodeRunner quizzes behave, try taking the Python3 demo quiz below.

CodeRunner Blog

But CodeRunner can be used coderunner grade any textual question provided you can write the code to grade it yourself. It is intended primarily for use in computer programming courses although it can be used to codreunner any question for which the answer is text.

Plus, the app collection keeps growing all the coderunner. That plugin has been submitted separately. Previously open windows, documents, and associated states are coderunner fully restored between app launches.

If you want more details, please ask in the Question Authors’ Forum on coderunner.