Bishop Druitt College is the first team of blood donors in schools – News Of The Area

Nick Johnstone, Katherine Listkow, Beth Hilton.

BISHOP Druitt College took Lifeblood’s top spot for blood donor teams at area schools.

The team’s donations have saved 219 local lives through blood donation over the past twelve months.

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Despite being affected by Covid-19 issues, blood donation teams in the Coffs area donated 3,645 bags of blood, almost 40% of the blood supply needed in Coffs Harbour.

Bishop Druitt College Principal Nick Johnstone said, “We are proud to support our community through lifesaving blood donations and are thrilled to be the top school donor team in the region.

Beth Hilton, K-12 Sports and Outdoor Education Coordinator at BDC, told News Of The Area, “As a regular donor, I took on the school promotion of the donation. of blood/plasma because it is a good cause.

“BDC has a long history of blood donation.

“Our senior students used to donate as part of school life until the age for donating was raised to 18.

“Donating blood doesn’t require a lot of promotion to get staff ready to donate, we all have someone in our lives who has used this vital service.

“I share the monthly count that Ruth (member of the Lifeblood team) sends us and our competitive spirit of being the best school does the rest.

“My grandmother and mother and other family members have been donating blood for as long as I can remember, and I encourage my children to do the same, because you never know when you might. need.

“My son is O-, so his blood is worth bottling as they say.

“I have phenotype A in my blood, which means it has special uses.

“I prefer to donate plasma rather than blood because it can be used in many ways and you can donate more often.”

What does Beth think of the BDC team’s efforts?

“Good work!

“I work with wonderful colleagues who have not hesitated to roll up their sleeves for this noble cause.

“Add a bit of competitiveness and it makes things more fun.

“Hopefully in 2022 we can beat our 2021 tally and I can get more staff to roll up their sleeves.”

Lifeblood spokesperson Ruth Harrison thanked all teams and donors for their support.

“The need for blood is constant in Australia, with Lifeblood needing to collect 33,000 donations a week to ensure some of Australia’s most vulnerable patients get the treatment they need.

“It only takes about an hour to donate blood and this donation helps save lives.”

Any business or group can donate through Lifeblood Teams.

Donations are tracked online, allowing groups to track the number of lives they have saved.

To donate blood, contact 13 14 95 or visit


James Walker, Holly Dunn, Daniel Bartlett, Andrew Walker.

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