Where does she live? Dialogues at the shop. What are her favourite free time activities? Have a nice time with English lessons Did you borrow my book? Can you learn words per day? How much does the fuel cost?

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Anglų Lietuvių kalbų žodynas | anglult

dieju Would you mind telling me if? What is your name? What time does the train leave? Do you understand me? Are you planning to finish the project on time? How do you do?

When were you born? Can I try it on? Where are your suitcases?

I live close to here. How fast were you driving? How much are they?

Anglų kalba per 30 dienų – Stuart Amor – Google Books

How much does it cost? He is in his late thirties. Could you do me favour? Have a nice time. How much does the fuel cost? Z – Z zero – nulis. It is not very polite. Y – Y Yeah, I suppose so.


Are they coming to visit her? Is it a dog? Twenty verbs, lesson Can I help you, Miss? I am from Lithuania. How old is your brother? Why does she have a Korean name? Prepositions – in, at.

Dorota Dovda. Kaip išmokti anglų per 30 dienų? Anglu pamoka.

Can I try them on? N – N name – vardas Znglu of the Months. Could you give me a lift? What do your neighbours do? When does the president arrive? I live on the ground floor. Dialogues at the shop.